The Arcadia is a Floppy Straw ‘Nude + Plus’ hat. A new concept in hat culture, and a flexible identity is at the core of the range.

The Nude + Plus is a timeless classic form, with a multitude of options for accessories and Flexibility which enables the transformation of one hat into many.

By not locking in an aesthetic, (no daggy bands and stitching) and by keeping the core item inherently simple we can afford this range a higher quality raw material enabling lightness, breathability, and comfort far beyond its competitors in the market.

Using a cool light playful buri weave we opt for care free youthful vibe, but its quality and resist to wear and tear. By bucking the trend toward disposable short life garments, our Buri Straw is a lifestyle legacy piece. Its reinforced and strong. With each season’s accessories and style, the ‘Nude + Plus’ hats accumulate flexibility in appearance, and new base hats not only look great but revitalise your old accessories as well. Any Scarves, ribbons, keep safes or pins combine for what ever you are!

Hand woven and durable, this is a fine quality School Girl Boater with a bit of attitude.

This means you get youthful beauty, and absolute elegance and charm, with the sun protection your skin will thank you for. You can wear it around the town, or bring the town vibe with you. Its absolutely elegant, but its not precious.

Classic, Comfortable and Accessorisable. The ‘Nude + Plus’ is a durable concept in fashion for this year’s look and beyond, and is unique to Studio ANISS.

AUD $90