Aurora is our ‘Nude Plus’ Natural Sombrero.
The Nude + Plus is a timeless classic form, with a multitude of options for accessories and Flexibility which enables the transformation of one hat into many.

With each season’s accessories the ‘Nude + Plus’ hats accumulate flexibility in appearance, and new base hats not only look great but revitalise your old accessories as well.

Hand woven, lightest single water hyacinth sun hat. This is the finest quality sun hat material in the world. With 1/3 coverage weave for dappled light, and a full weave where you need it, This masterpiece is woven exclusively for Studio Aniss in sustainable handicraft industry in the Northern Philippines.

This means you get sexy sultry shadows and allure, absolute elegance and charm, and the sun protection your skin will thank you for, and its completely remoldable with water. Its absolutely elegant, but its not precious.

AUD $199